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Getting Pavlik Harness off
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TOPIC: Getting Pavlik Harness off

Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62850

  • rob120
  • Fresh Forum User
  • Posts: 2
Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before.
Her right hip was dislocated when diagnosed.
Next week our 6 month old daughter is HOPEFULLY getting her Pavlik harness off. She has had it on now for 12 weeks. at 6 week scan we were told that everything is progressing well.
I have a few questions.
Will she need physio when she gets it off?
Do we need to wean her off it ? ie. leave it on at night for a few weeks. etc
Does it normally effect development, ie crawling, etc
Can she use a baby walker?
Will her legs gradually move back in together?
Any other info / tips greatly appreciated.

Re: Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62852

  • kkimbo1
  • Senior Forum User
  • Posts: 70

My daughter came out of the Pavlik when she was 5 months old. She didnt need to have any physio. Her legs were a bit mishapened after the harness but eventualy the lumps and bumps dissappeared and her legs are now normal nearly 2 years out of the harness...

My daughter rolled over the first time the day out of her harness and her developement has been "normal" ever since. She walked just after her 1st birthday, there was no stopping her in her movement once the harness was off. She

With regards to the weaning off our consultant didnt wean Sami off of it, it was taken off and that that was that, although I do know some of the consultants may advise to wean off. I dont think Sami had any problems coming straight out of the harness infact she loved it.. (Although she didnt love her first bath - haha was like being a newborn again)

When Sami came out of the Harness for the first few days her legs were still in the same position, we took her swimming to help build the strength in her legs back up but from what I remember it didnt take long for her to straightend tham down.

I just kept moisturing her legs after her baths as the skin was very dry.

Im not too sure about the walker as we didnt use one.

I was so excited when Sami came out of her harness and we could eventualy do normal things with her, she loved swimming and this is really good for their legs and strengthening their little legs.

I hope your daughter comes out of the harness and that her treatment has been successful...
Sami Ann Born 24th February 2008
Pavlik Harness DDH 24th April 2008
Harness removed 29th July 2009 (Successful)
Checkup 21st Aril 09 indicates hip stable but ball small
Checkup 26th April 2010 - Success left hip ball grown and we are discharged.....

Re: Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62853

  • carolinexx
  • Platinum Forum User
  • Posts: 557
Myeldest daughter was in her pavlik harness until she was 6 months (ish) she did not have physio after, she had reached all her milestones for her first birthday, walking etc. When the pavlik came off she had it straight off no weaning her of it, but i think some hospitals vary as regard to this? I was told not to use a baby walker as it encourages toe walking, it is better to put them on the floor and let them get on with it, she had learnt to sit, crawl and was pulling herself off two weeks after it had come off, but each child varies. Her legs will go back into the normal position, she has got to get used to being free from the harness. Sleeping i was expecting a nightmare as she was used to being in the harness but i had no problems at all .
Have lots of baths and squidgy cuddles!

Caroline xxxx
Twin dd, cdh left .dob 19/12/09 open red, spica 16/4/09,brace 21//7/09,
4 yr dd left cdh pavlik 16wks, bilat talipes. Both bendy bby girls!

Re: Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62855

  • emma_m
  • Expert Forum User
  • Posts: 142
lyla came out of her harness at 12 weeks old, she came straight out of it with no weaning. her legs stayed froggy shaped for a while, and eventually just relaxed on her own. she crawled very early, and is standing and walking a few steps now (she was one last week). we went for regular xrays (3 monthly) from when she came out of it, and have just moved to a 9 month gap for the next one. with sleeping, we found that a sleeping bag helped as it made her feel more 'snug'. she slept through the night from around 16 weeks old.
good luck, and enjoy the squidgey cuddles!!
Lyla diagnosed at birth bilateral ddh 2/4/09
pavlik harness april 09 - july 09 successful!
discharged april 11!

Re: Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62920

  • laura71
  • Fresh Forum User
  • Posts: 13
Hi Rob,

Cecily was in a pavlik between 3 and 6 months, when she came out we had a programme of withdrawal, 2 hours a day for the first week then doubled to 4 hours a day the second week, then 8 hours a day out for a week and then a week of only on at night. I know other people have had different advice, but your consultant knows your child and their individual background so I would say follow their advice.

She is now one and cruising around the place but is yet to walk on her own. Her legs were a funny shape when she came out, she had sort of grooves where the straps went on her calves and feet, but she was a chubby baby and they went away after a bit. she stands and cruises with her legs quite far apart but was a perfectly normal crawler. (Old dears comment on how wide apart she stands "she'll never learn to walk like that" until we say she had hip problems at which point they change to "Oh isn't she doing well, bless her" )

She will adapt very quickly and you will be left with a cuddly baby with no 'corners' (I always felt Cecily was like a hard triangle to cuddle in her harness),

enjoy it!
Me: bi lat DDH diag.late 70's Hypermobile, suffered with PGS SPD Hip 'issues' when pregnant to present
Knox 11/06/06: Hypermobile toe walker - serial casts and night splints
Cecily 11/03/09:Left DDH Pavlik 3-6 months AI still high x-ray at Xmas

Re: Getting Pavlik Harness off 5 years, 7 months ago #62986

  • rob120
  • Fresh Forum User
  • Posts: 2
thanks very much for all your info, it is much appreciated.
looking forward to wednesday and hopefully all will be ok..

thanks again
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