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Piedro boots
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TOPIC: Piedro boots

Piedro boots 5 years ago #68644

Hi. Has anyone had Piedro boots issued for their little ones? Darcie got fitted for hers today. The man who measured couldn't really give me any info on what benefit they would be to her..except that she will have a wider base of support to walk on. I told him that the consultant wanted her to have the boots as she limps and one leg is shorter than the other and her feet invert, he replied that it did not say anything on the referral about a raise on one shoe so he couldn't do it! I wasn't given any info leaflet and am struggling online to find relevant info to these boots and DDH.....any info would be greatly appreciated. On a good note, they come in lots of different colours and are not as clumpy and surgical looking as I thought

Thanks, Sunneva

Darcie Thorpe DDH diagnosed May 2010 Closed Reduction June 2010. 20 months of casts and braces. Treatment failed.Pemberton Osteotomy 25/06/12, metal work due to come out 06/08/12 and will go into abduction brace

Re: Piedro boots 5 years ago #68648

  • Nikki25
  • Expert Forum User
  • Posts: 102

Chloe had Piedro boots before her surgery to help her walk. Chloe is hypermobile and her ankles roll inwards so as the boots are stiff they help to keep the ankle straight and they do have a wide sole to give more balance. Chloe used to walk alot better in these when she was wearing them even though she had a limp.

Chloe has been out of cast for 4 weeks now and not walking on her own yet. We see a physio about her hypermobility next week and I am hoping they will give her the boots again as her ankles are still rolling in when she is standing up and this could again be hindering her.

We are seeing a new physio as the old one didnt diagnose DDH for 10 months even though she did the hip checks every 6 weeks! We also found that as the boots are expensive and they grow out of them fast she was keen to get us to buy shoes and have insoles put in them instead but we managed to stay with the boots till she had her operation.

We really felt they made a difference to her walking once she got used to them as they are quite heavy and take a few days to break them in. You get a basic leaflet in the box with them but thats all. They come with removeable insoles in them and these are tailored to fit the needs of the individual so although you have been measure for a basic boot the insole should be specific to Darcie's feet. We are really hoping Chloe can get some more next week.

Hope this helps and Good Luck


Chloe-born 04/11/07
Diagnosed hypermobile Jun 09
Diagnosed with left DDH 16/04/10 (2yrs 5mth)
Open Reduction & Pelvic Osteotomy 29/07/10.
Spica removed 12/10/10 and X-ray clear
Fractured left femur 5/12/10, Hip and femur xray good 18/01/11
Pins removed from hip 29/03/12
Cain-born 15/11/11
Diagnosed with shallow hip sockets at 6 weeks, wore double nappies for 6 weeks, Hips now looking ok

Re: Piedro boots 5 years ago #68662

  • dorota
  • Expert Forum User
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Ela has had piedro boots since she was ten months old. She wears them because she is extremely hypermobile. Her ankles roll all over the place so they support her ankles and I can certainly see the difference when she has them on to when she hasn't got them on. She even asks for them on now.

Re: Piedro boots 5 years ago #68667

Thankyou. Have contacted the consultants secretary RE: if there should be a raise on the shorter leg side.......waiting to hear back. I cannot wait for the boots to be ready now so I can see if they help her...........she is still only taking one step unaided................she appears very nervous


Darcie Thorpe DDH diagnosed May 2010 Closed Reduction June 2010. 20 months of casts and braces. Treatment failed.Pemberton Osteotomy 25/06/12, metal work due to come out 06/08/12 and will go into abduction brace
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