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Tibial Hemimelia explained

Tibial Hemimelia is a partial or total absence of the tibia and is the rarest form of lower limb deficiency present at birth. There are two long bones in the lower leg, the thicker one is called the tibia and the thinner one is the fibula. With Tibial Hemimelia the fibula is present but the tibia is either missing or misshapen. There is a foot deformity and the foot may have additional toes

The knee may also be twisted inwards.

Most legs affected by Tibial Hemimelia will look 'unusual'. It can occur either in one leg or both legs - thirty percent have both legs affected. The fibula may be deformed or unaffected.


At or before birth during a routine scan

How can it be treated?

Treatment depends on the exact form of the condition.

For the mildest form the Ilizarov apparatus may be used to lengthen the leg and improve the position of the foot

In more severe cases amputation is often the best option with the provision of a prosthetic limb which may be above or below the knee depending on the condition of the knee joint and the presence or absence of certain other parts of the upper leg.

Some attempts at reconstruction using the fibula have been made but rarely provide a well functioning limb due to instability at the knee and problems with the quadriceps (thigh) musculature.

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