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Play that helps your childs feet

With clubfoot, the heel cord and the tendons and ligaments in the instep of the foot tend to be shorter and less flexible than usual. The clubfoot and calf also tend to have less muscle tone. As your child’s foot is corrected, it becomes more flexible, though it probably will not be as flexible as a foot without clubfoot. Some clubfeet are stiffer than others, and each child’s natural flexibility comes into play as well. If your child has only one clubfoot, you might notice that the clubfoot is less flexible than the other foot. This is typical, and happens even with very successful clubfoot treatment. The most important thing is that the clubfoot has good alignment and is flexible enough for normal walking.

Active play during the day when your child is out of the boots and bars is a good way to build muscle tone. The severity of clubfoot varies from one child to the next, and each child has his or her own unique natural level of muscle tone. Combine these considerations with different levels of physical activity, and different growth rates among children, and it becomes clear that children undergoing the same treatment with boots and bars can end up with different levels of flexibility and muscle tone.

Some fun activities that can help your child get stronger are listed here:

Walking in sand helps stretch the Achilles tendon (heel cord).

Active, imaginative play and dancing are also good for your child.

Using a bath or swimming pool, children can use the lower-gravitational effects offered by water to practice proper gait and foot position without pain or increased pressure on the ankle joints. Children can be held by a parent while they are introduced to the water and allowed to move their feet and legs in a walking manner.

Pedaling a tricyle or bike builds muscle and keeps the feet flexed.

When a child ice skates, the feet are in a flexed position.

Using a trampoline or playing in a bouncy house builds both strength and flexibility.

These home exercises, however, should not take the place of proper medical treatment.

If you have been given any fun ways to excercise please share them in the comments below.