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You might want to run to make new friends, or because you want to visit the doctor less, or perhaps, because you want to eat more carbs, or slip into a pair of skinny jeans, or maybe, to bring sexy back.

Alternatively, you may want to boost your memory, or banish the blues, or sleep better, or even, commune with nature! Whatever your reason to run, why not run for Steps?

We have places available for Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle…

“Steps have offered support throughout, and it is a pleasure to raise money for them so that they, can continue their important work.” Paul Pounder

“I wanted to challenge myself to run. STEPS are, the only charity I would consider doing this for and what better way to celebrate our beautiful, functioning boys’ feet than to run for STEPS.” Rachel Kelly
“STEPS provided information that has helped us to understand Skye’s condition, and the STEPS forum provided a gateway to other families in the same situation.” Alan Marsh

“Throughout this distressing period, Steps provided George and his family with the information and support they needed.” Hayley Walter

“We did not find STEPS until Jack had been treated, but we wish we had found it earlier. A one stop shop of people who have been there before seems like the perfect antidote to the feelings of fear and helplessness that we experienced.” Gharad Bryan

“I am running for STEPS as I work as a Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialist Nurse, working with children and parents that need the support once they get the diagnosis of a lower limb conditions such as DDH or Clubfoot.” Helen Gille

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