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Talipes ‘Super Hero’ Poem

STEPS would like to share a lovely poem written by Rachel Gessey who has a 4 year old daughter called Jaime who was born with bilateral talipes. Rachel knows how difficult it can be to get toddlers to wear their boots every night and the older they get the more aware they are of their friends not having to wear any. Rachel wanted to share her experience.

Take a look at Jaime’s progress and the poem

Jaime began her Ponseti treatment at 1 week old, after 6 weeks of plaster casts she had her tenotomy followed by a further four weeks in plaster casts. She then began boots and bar 23 hours a day for three months which was then reduced to night time and nap time only. Four months ago we were told that she could come out of boots and bar alltogether!! We were so happy – all of the hard work, perseverance and of course bravery of our little girl had been worth it!


As night time fell and it was time to sleep,

She was tucked up in bed, not making a peep,

After a bath and a story, milk and a kiss,

Her adventures in dreamland she didn’t want to miss!

On with the first boot, then with the other,

She smiled at her mummy and pulled up the covers,

For Jaime was a special girl who wore boots and a bar,

So she could jump really high and run really far,

So she could hop and skip and dance all day

And be a “superhero in my dreams” she would say.

A superhero? I hear you shout

What’s this superhero business about?

You see, every night when she closed her eyes,

She’d dream that her boots made her fly through the skies,

She’d surf on the water and ski on the snow,

And fly higher and higher – to space she would go!!

She’d see mountains and rivers, deserts and trees,

Fly with birds and aeroplanes over the seas….

And as morning approached and she’d stir in her bed,

She’d remember her dreams and what her mummy always said.

“That special girls and boys who wear bedtime shoes

Will grow up big and strong and be whatever they choose…”

So to all you “superheroes” who wear their boots at night,

You are amazing and fantastic, oh and super, that’s right!???????