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Hip Spica Equipment List

Hip spica Equipment list suggestions from parents

Hip spica (babies/ toddlers/ older children)

Below is a list of equipment items that have been tried and tested by our parents. This list is constantly being updated – if you have items to add/ hints and tips with Spica casts, please complete our short survey

Car seats

The type of car seat / seatbelt for an older child in a hip spica will depend on their weight and how they have been cast. Talk to your hospital and speak with a car seating safety expert, such as ‘In Car Safety’ about the best option for you. Steps and Maxi Cosi offer a car seat loan/ grant.

Britax 2 way elite

A grant is available through Steps for this car seat

E-Z on Harness (for older/ heavier children)


Maxi Cosi Opal HD 


Maxi Cosi offer this chair via their ‘Happy Hips’ service

Britax High Back Booster (Great for older children)



It can be tricky to find a pushchair that will accommodate an older child in a hip spica.  Please consult with the manufactures and your treating team before making any adjustments to pushchairs or wheelchairs. Many hospitals will lend a wheelchair and it is possible to hire a specialised ‘chunc chair, but this can be expensive.

What our parents say;

We made our own adjustments to straps and added pillows’

‘3 wheeled pushchair works fine, but had to watch out for her feet going through shop doorways etc!’


Pushchairs used by parents:

Hospital wheel chair

Chunc spica chair

Britax pram with adjustments to straps and extra pillows

‘Out and About’ 3 wheeled pushchair

Mothercare own brand three-wheeler

Hippy Chick Child Hip Seat For carrying a baby /young toddler on your hip.



How your child is able to sit depends on how their cast is set and how big they are – some children will sit on a dining room chair, but never leave them unattended as it is very easy for them to fall. Most children will sit happily on a sofa with a lap tray or on a strap on child seat attached to a dining chair. Some parents make their own spica chairs or get them from members of the Steps Facebook group.

What our parents say;

My daughter was able to sit on the dining room chair at the table. We also got a bean bag but she preferred to sit at the table. We also have a corner settee and the corner was ideal for her to sit on with pillows to support her legs’

‘A strap on dining chair booster seat is essential’

Used by parents

Strap on dining chair booster seat

Cabin Max flight activity table

Bean bag

Beanbag laptray 

Folding TV dinner table 

Corner sofa and lots of cushions

Spica chair

Tripp Trapp Chair highchair

Svan Highchair highchair

Sofa cushions on the floor for playtime

 Mama’s and Papa’s High Chair



What clothing will fit your child depends on how the cast is set and the position of the bar. For girls, the obvious choice is a dress. Boys do well in oversized jogging bottoms with popper down the sides of the legs.  Men’s boxer shorts or knickers with ribbons sewn onto the edges work well under clothes.  Just dress the top half as normal.

What our parents say;

Clothing was a struggle – lots of dresses, leg warmers’

‘M&S do specialist bodysuits with poppers for children up to 8 years ’

‘Adult Waterproof Hiking Trousers for protecting casts if you are out and about. Cut off at appropriate length and get poppers sewn into the inner leg.’


Suggestions from parents

baggy ‘hareem pants’ to go over cast (5 sizes too big)

knickers with ribbons sewn into the sides. 

Boys boxer shorts in stretchy material are ideal underwear for girls and boys

bodysuits that had poppers at the bottom from Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer Easy Dressing Range.  Pants such as these with poppers are perfect for hip spicas- 

Long sleeved popper vests (larger sizes)

Velcro on sides of pants

Dresses in larger sizes

Elasticated waist skirts especially if they are flared skirts fit over the cast

Jersey dresses as they are stretchy enough to cover the cast.

Jogger pants in a bigger size for pulling up over the cast but depending on the bar on the cast it might be necessary to be cut up short or have poppers sewn into the inner leg.

Slipper socks stretch over the cast and stay on longer

Ballet leg warmers or long socks

Boys boxer shorts in stretchy material are ideal underwear for girls and boys

For more ideas visit; for bespoke DDH and Hip Spica accessories and clothes

Plastic Bike Capes or large Cagoules for covering buggies completely ensuring that the cast does not get wet in the rain



You will need to change your child’s position regularly in the night to prevent pressure on their back and bed sores so it’s best to stay close.  Have a bed downstairs, if you have the space, as carrying a child upstairs in a heavy cast is hard work. A pull out ‘trundle’ type bed works well and saves space.

What our parents say;

We ended up having her in our bed with one of us as she needed the toilet through the night. We used lots of pillows under her head/back and pillows under her legs so she didn’t get sores on her heels’

‘Raise the end of the bed at the head end so any accidents in the night run away from the cast’

‘Use loads of pillows for supporting the cast and changing your child’s position in the night’

Used by parents:

Ikea Brimnes day-bed with 2 mattresses

Noa and Nani Hove Day Bed in White

Dream Tube bed Guards by Hippy Chick


Washing/ toileting/ skincare

Keeping clean in spica cast is hard – food will get dropped down it and even with older children, toileting accidents do happen – using a hairdryer on a cool setting helps to dry out spills and blow away crumbs and never wet the cast, no matter how dirty it gets.

What our parents say;

The edges of the cast can rub and the legs inside the cast can become sweaty and chapped. A good barrier cream is great for this’’

‘An inflatable sink is great for hair washing, also let them put their feet in a bowl of warm water and give foot massages in the bubbles – pumice stone can be used to get rid of any hard skin that will develop’

When her cast was removed we applied junior oilatum cream a few times a day and the dry skin went within a few days’

‘I used hip stix for my baby and then have been amazing at getting the nappies on properly, his cast is still really clean’


Used by parents:

‘Hip Stix’ for changing nappies in cast – although two kitchen spatulas may work just as well

‘medihoney’ barrier cream for chapped skin

Junior oilatum cream

A blow up portable sink for hair washing

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby wash wipes



Child’s farm moisturiser

Low sided bedpan for older children in cast when it’s difficult to get to the toilet

Hair wash tray


Activities parent hints and tips

Find parks with the big swing seats and call in advance to new places about wheelchair access’

‘My daughter likes to play with Sylvanian families and we used to put the doll’s house on the dining room table where she sat and she would sit and play with that.’

‘Lots of board games, activity books, Nintendo DS and computer apps were also good to keep her entertained’

‘Get a commode if they are toilet trained.’

‘An inflatable device for washing hair was handy. Can get it on amazon.’

‘Plan your trip around suitable disabled toilets’

‘My daughter was in a wheelchair so we applied for a blue badge which is good for parking’.

‘A blanket for when she gets cold’

‘Always make sure the place is accessible before going.’


Supplies from your medical team

Listed below are items which you may find useful that may be available free on prescription

Sleek Tape Leukoplast Sleek Strapping 2.5cm, for protecting rough cast edges

Gamgee Gauze and Cotton Tissue BP 500g

Cellona Lohmann & Rauscher Cellona Adhesive Cast Edge Padding

Movicol/ Lactulose Constipation treatment generally over 2’s but doctor’s will give to late diagnosis over 19 mths

DiproBase cream emollient Moisturising cream excellent for post spica dry skin

Dermol 500 Lotion for post cast skin – is antimicrobial, moisturising, and reduces itching


This list is constantly being updated – if you have items to add/ hints and tips with Spica casts, please complete our short survey