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Ponseti Equipment List

Ponseti equipment list suggestions from parents

Car seats

Most parents found a standard seat worked fine. If you child doesn’t fit comfortably in their seat, do not attempt to make adjustments as this will affect the safety of the seat.

What our parents say;

‘Standard seat, no need for a special one’

‘Standard car seats work fine. We had a maxi cosi and then a cybex’

‘Just normal car seats. Infant carrier from birth and then into cybex which turns to make it easier to put him in’’

‘Wide fitted car seats

‘Normal group 0 car seat’

‘Cybex sirona was the only one we found that accommodated the full leg casts for talipes and the pavlik harness for the DDH (both treated at the same time)’


Used by parents:

Silver cross baby seat

Britax high back booster seat 

Standard mothercare

Joie 360 spin for 9 months plus


Britax TWE rear facing

Maxi Cosi Pebble 



Most reasonably wide high street prams will accommodate a baby undergoing Ponseti treatment, the most popular prams with our parents are listed below.

What our parents say;

‘I candy cherry was perfect for us and supported his feet well and also allowed us to use the car seat on the frame for when he was younger’

‘One with adjustable leg rest so legs could be supported’

‘The Phil and teds was fine however the lay down carry cot for infants was not wide enough for the bar so we had to move him out of the carry cot and to the next stage pretty quickly. We’d also add the car seat on to the pram and that worked fine as well’

‘We just had the bugaboo chameleon. We moved him into the seat sooner than is advised (from the carry cot) as his boots and bar were too wide to fit in comfortably’

Used by parents:

Mini uno pram

Baby jogger

Standard Mothercare

I candy Cherry

Britax travel system

Phil and Teds

Bugaboo Chameleon


Silver Cross Wayfarer



High chairs

Highchair with removable crotch bars are very useful as are wider ones and ones with trays that easily clip on and off.

What our parents say;

‘A travel one that fitted on an ordinary chair, no fixed bar between legs’

‘Joie supported his feet well when he had his boots on for breakfast as it took the weight’

‘We used same one as for other children, just removed bar’

‘Cosatto, with completely removable tray’

‘Bought a mamas and papas high chair where the tray came off completely to allow us to place him in it and so he could sit in it with his boots and bar on with without the tray’

‘We used same one as for other children, just removed bar’

‘Standard highchair’

Used by parents:

I safe mama highchair

Mothercare highchair

Joie highchair 

Cosatto, with completely removable tray

Baby Bjorn 

Billie Faiers

IKEA highchair


Babies in plaster casts do well on standard play mats, most parents found a baby bouncer or baby seat that would fit around boots and bars for playtime or snacks.

What our parents say;

‘No play seats would be able to be used due to plasters so just used play mats and highchair and cushions’

‘Bumbo seat worked quite well. Any bouncy chair that the whole fastening can undo rather than the legs slot into’

Used by parents:

Cushions or a nursing pillow

Normal booster seat

Mamas and Papas Bumbo seat

Chicco pocket booster


Propping the head end of the cot slightly helps leaking nappies run away from the casts, baby sleeping bags seem popular and rolled up towels or pillows are often used to support the legs in casts or boots and bar.

What our parents say;

‘Pillow under legs for Ponseti treatment sleeping’

‘Rolled blankets under casts and used hippy chick dream tubes bed bumper when moving him to bigger bed’

Used by parents:

Baby sleeping bag

Rolled blankets under casts

Hippy chick dream tubes bed bumper




Rolled up towel in cot taking weight off bars.

Toddler sleeping bags

Hauck travel cot with proper mattress

Hip Pose sleeping bag


Parents usually use baby body suits in the first few weeks during casting, with a blanket over the legs when they are out and about. Dungarees prove very popular during the boots and bars stage, with dresses being great for girls. Addition of poppers to jogging bottoms was a popular adjustment

What our parents say;

‘He lived in dungarees. And onesies with no feet. For the cast stage, We got some onesies and just cut the leg off’

‘Anything footless and poppers underneath. No trousers without poppers’

‘Cut off feet to baby grows when in boots and bar bought size bigger clothes’

‘I added poppers to my sons trousers’

‘Pjs are far better than sleepsuits with no feet for the boots and bar phase and worked out cheaper too’

 ‘Loose tracksuit bottoms for casts’


Used by parents:

Marks and Spencer older child body suits


Bigger sizes of jogging bottoms, with poppers for boots and bars


Skin care

Both the casts and the boots can rub, but always contact your medical team if there are serious blisters or sores. Be carful when applying and skin product to your baby and ask advice before treating sores and blisters yourself.

What our parents say;

‘I liked using natural products. NSPA massage oil and Child’s Farm bath products. I used Sudocrem on areas where the cast rubbed the top of the leg sometimes too’

‘I used lanolin around the top of his casts when they were rubbing’

Used by parents:


Baby dove Infacare baby bath

Aloe vera for dry skin


Aveeno for dry skin

Compeed plasters or boots and bars blisters

Burt Bees Moisturiser

Epiderm (prescribed) 


Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby wash wipes


Children’s Farm moisturiser 


Footwear/ socks

Socks with grips on the bottom are popular with parents during the boots and bar stage, but many were happy with everyday supermarket and high street brands

What our parents say;

‘Ones with grip on the bottom, that were long so the boots didn’t run and that were 100% cotton were best, changing them regularly so his feet didn’t sweat too much. Next ones were good’

‘Cotton, avoided elasticated tops, smooth as possible’

Used by parents:

Gap socks with grip

Gripped socks

Larger children’s/ adults socks for over the casts

Normal cotton socks

Socks with grips on bottom but do use robin socks at times but find can leave feet sweaty

Morrisons nutmeg socks

Next socks with grips

Asda socks

Cotton, avoided elasticated tops, smooth as possible

Tesco own brand ‘Little stars socks’

Black robin socks from C Pro


General parent hints and tips

Use eyeliner across your baby’s toes to mark where the casts come to, so you know if they have slipped

Pack extra change of clothes

If you have an older child try and get a travel pillow for their legs so they don’t dangle with casts as this can be really heavy

We’ve been able to make most things work. I’d just tell them not to worry and most things can be adjusted to fit with casts/boots and bars

we call them magic boots and sing songs whilst we put them on to make it less difficult and more positive

As difficult as it is, try to stay calm and relaxed. Remember that it is your child being treated, not you, save your anxiousness for private. Ask questions.

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