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For many people with a lower limb difference or loss, life is about everyday challenges that require inner strength, a loving and supportive family and friends, and the availability of good equipment and care to unlock their true potential.

Sunday 3rd, December is both the European Limb Loss Day and the International Day of Persons with Disability.  This day is intended to raise awareness about the challenges to inclusion for anyone affected by a disability, and in particular, those with a limb difference or loss.

Three main UK charities, Steps, Limbless Association and LimbPower have come together and created a shared campaign to raise awareness and funds to support those impacted by a limb difference or loss.

The ‘I can, you, can, we can,’ campaign is a shout out to anyone affected by a lower limb difference or loss to go for it, for charities and other organisations to support and champion them, for healthcare professionals and the prosthetic industry to treat them and enable them, so that they can maximise their full potential.

We know that the transition from junior to secondary school, and then later, employment is challenging for most, and many will feel very anxious as they move along this timeline. We also know that many children with a limb difference or loss may go throughout their rehabilitation without meeting anyone with a similar disability. This can harm self-esteem and create a sense of isolation.

We want to put this right by providing the right environment, people and facilities so that these young people can come together, and challenge themselves and others in ways that they never thought they could!

Through the #ICAN Campaign, we aim to raise funds for youth camps intended for young people between the ages of 13-18 and 18-24 to aid their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation.

Steps are also committed to a grant scheme to help amputees who would otherwise go unprovided for.

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