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We are proud to launch our new booklet, ‘Planned Amputation – The Parents’ Guide.’ This booklet was written in partnership with Limbpower, and we thank them for their contribution. We would also like to extend our thanks to Dorset Orthopaedics, and our medical committee for their support.

This booklet is aimed at parents and expectant parents of a child with a lower limb condition or serious illness who may need a planned amputation. Further publications and factsheets are available from Steps and from our website at, offering support and advice on preparing a child for hospital and attending school.

At Steps, we understand how a lower limb condition can affect individuals, families, and communities. So we are committed to helping people understand these conditions, reassuring those affected that the future can be better than the present, and, actively working towards a better future for all those affected.

If you are affected by one of the conditions we support then please get In touch. Call our dedicated helpline on 01925 750271 or email