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Andrea’s Story

Andrea’s Story

At our 20 week scan of our first pregnancy we found out our baby was going to be born with talipes. Our first thoughts after being shocked and surprised were that they would not be able to walk and wondered what life would hold for our baby. We were very worried as many parents are when faced with news like that.

After some research on the internet and a phone call to Steps, we had some further information to put our minds at rest and also were given the option to talk to another family about what life was really like with this condition.

We took them up on the offer and to be able to speak to another parent who had been through what we were about to embark on was so helpful and really helped us feel positive that we would be able to cope. We were able to make informed decisions and felt able to cope with what lay ahead.

The treatment can seem daunting,especially with a new born baby (first baby or not)but with information, reassurance and someone to talk to who really understands through out the treatment process, a lot can be achieved.

Our baby boy was born and we embarked on the treatment for him at Manchester Children’s Hospital, and the support from the staff there was amazing.

Once our son had taken his extra special first few steps, I decided I wanted to help as many families as possible who find themselves in the same position as we did. Just to provide a helping hand to see what life is like during the treatment and hints and tips to hopefully help when trying to settle a new born with plaster casts on or a baby getting used to boots and bars.

I have volunteered with Steps since March 2016 and have loved helping families during that time. I have since taken on a new volunteering role of Regional coordinator for the North West and look forward to taking on these new responsibilities whilst continuing to assist mentoring families with talipes.