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Marks Story

To coin a headline and article from SKY news… ‘Even Sir Mo Farah struggled’ – The immense challenge of this year’s London Marathon…

Like everyone else who participated, I trained hard in cold weather, in rain, ice and even snow! And then out of nowhere comes the hottest London Marathon in history!

Despite the challenging conditions, the experience of the day itself was truly amazing – crowds, in places 5-10 people deep, lined the entire course right from the start at BlackHeath and their support and encouragement is something I will never forget – it was a true example of the “Spirit of London”. For those interested, I ended up completing it slightly outside of my original target time in 3hrs 58 mins.

Most important of all though is the fantastic outcome for STEPS – through your support and generosity I have raised an incredible £6,675.38 (plus £1,185.05 of Gift Aid supplement) for a grand total of £7,860.43 (with perhaps a little more still to flow in to the final number)

I’m really pleased and so grateful to you all as that will make a significant difference to the work that STEPS are able to do especially as the sector is incredibly challenging at this time, and Steps is perceived as something of a niche charity. Unless people are directly affected, like my son, Seth, the conditions seem remote enough to unfortunately be ignored by many.

Once again a huge, huge thank you to each and every one of you (including the 2 totally anonymous donations I can’t thank personally) and I’ll finish with a post-race snapshot of a rather tired daddy and a very proud son who made a full recovery from his bilateral talipes thanks to STEPS incredible support !