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Bella’s Story

We have chosen to share our story to give hope to other parents and children out there during their DDH journey. We are currently sat beaming with joy as our little girl Bella has just gone and won 3 races on her first sports day!

Bella was a breech baby and born via c-section. She was diagnosed with a dislocated left hip with no formed socket at 6 weeks old on her routine scan for breech babies. I had never heard of DDH before and started googling it and broke down at the thought of our baby in half a body cast. Her first procedure went ahead at 8 months old where her surgeon Mr Asirvatham from Lincoln Hospital decided to try closed reduction. Bella went into a spica cast for 3 months followed by a rhino brace for another 3 months. We thought that would be it and, after good news and her hip showing progress, she continued like any other child, just delayed in her walking. When Bella walked she had a visible limp, but this soon faded and up until she was 3 years old she was like any other child her age. At a routine check-up we got the devastating news that Bella’s hip had come out of place and required more surgery. Her surgeon said he would perform a femoral osteotomy and put metal work it to hold the hip in place. Again, we were frightened and found it difficult explaining to her what would happen. She seemed so happy and pain free it just didn’t seem fair. The operation went ahead, and we were in Hospital for 3 days.   Bella had moments of being hysterical but soon understood a little and we were soon making her smile and laugh. I said to myself, if I can make her smile everyday then we’ve got this! It was a long 6 weeks with no weight bearing especially for an active 3 year old, so days were long and like most things we had our ups and downs. After 3 months Bella went back into theatre to get the metal work removed. She didn’t like looking at her scar and was frightened of the big plaster. She soon built up confidence to walk again and eventually run around like all her friends. We were so proud of her, she had been through so much in her little lift it didn’t seem fair. Bella started school not long after her 4th birthday and she is coming to the end of reception. You would never know she has hip dysplasia as she runs around and takes part in PE like all the other children. Sports day was last week and, not only did she take part in all the races, she won 3 times! We couldn’t believe how fast she was!

If you are currently on your journey with hip dysplasia, then I hope our story gives you that positive outlook that things will be okay, and children are absolutely amazing at pulling through the hard times. Who would have thought we have a mini athlete on our hands?!

The support of Steps has helped us along the way and being able to share our experience with those who completely understand what we are going through. Steps have helped from day 1 with equipment for cast and, support when we are feeling low.